Village Sports

Dads Three Legged Race
The Winner
Time Out
Toddlers Run To Mum & Dad
Boys Potatoe Race
Girls Sack Race
Egg & Spoon Race
Egg & Spoon Race
Boys Sack Race
Supporting Your Friends
Boys Sack Race
Boys and Girls Relay Race
Boys & Girls Skipping Race
Toddlers Dressing Up Race
Mums & Dads Relay Race
Mission Control
Village Sports Day, England

The simple pleasure of a quintessential English village sports day. A village joining in the summer fun of sack races, egg & spoon races, hurling the "wellie" to name a few English eccentric events. Mums, dads, children and grandparents raising money for a village community as well as having great fun and exerting little energy.

A series from this project received an Honorable Mention in the International Photography Awards, 2017. Category: Traditions & Cultures