The Tustains. "It's strange how much time the four of us are spending alone on our own projects and schoolwork. But we've also done more eating, playing and viewing together. Zoom has helped, but we miss our friends - and Inca misses Mrs Biggles".
Mrs and Mrs Crump. “Is it six o’clock yet ?”
The Wards. “In our busy lives (studying/work) we as a family struggle to spend time together. The isolation process has changed that and it’s been lovely to see all the family engaging like never before. Meal times, chatting in the garden. We have had a disco night, film nights, table tennis competitions and the boys have helped us in the garden and kitchen”
The Stricklands "The isolation has been a challenge for us with its mix of uncertainty and disappointment at cancelled plans. Amongst this there have been tender moments and also a growing belief that we will come through it stronger. Chris's photo in my vegetable patch captures this mix perfectly".
The Smiths "My family never cease to amaze me and especially so during this moment in world history. I find myself feeling stronger and safer listening to their positive opinions and ideas looking to a brighter future for us all and the planet".
The Kingsburys. “Lockdown has given us back the hours spent each day commuting or driving the kids here and there. Time to properly enjoy the place we live in, the family banter and the unexpected satisfaction of a tidy garden shed.”
The Fergusons. "Freedom is never appreciated until it is lost, (I think Yeltsin said that), but I am loving that the planet and its wildlife are getting a break from us. We have enjoyed larking about, waking up naturally with no alarms table tennis on kitchen table, doing different accents and having conversations about all kinds of subjects that we probably would never get to. We are missing football and tennis badly".
The TenHoves. “In spite. of the Lockdown, it has been lovely to welcome in the Spring together as a family. We feel fortunate in many ways.” 
The Hughes. "Isolation has given us time….. time to sort out our home and plant vegetables in the garden, time to cook and create and explore new hobbies, time to do those jobs we never get to do, time to play with forgotten toys and camp in the garden, time for a cup of tea in bed in the mornings but most importantly time for each other. Stolen moments we will cherish for all time."
Brian. “In a time of uncertainty and worry -the neighbourhood has united, showing traits that perhaps were previously ''hidden''patience and understanding , volunteering to help the cause and a ''love'' for their compromised neighbours and friends like never before”
Elisa and Rocco. "Not only has the long self isolation period given myself and my son special and truly unique time together which we are most unlikely to ever experience again, it has re-opened my eyes to the invaluable benefit, to both of us, of the many lovely nature walks surrounding us". 
The Hills “(Re)discovering hobbies, baking, sports, games, quizzes - all of us together, in different combinations and apart. Easy companionship, the luxury of time to simply hang out together and enjoy, unhurried. Busy lives on the outside, on pause, inside.”
Howard and Helen. “As the world around us flounders in the unknown of Covid, we have been awestruck by the wonderful bubble Aswell truly is, as an environment to enjoy and live in and a community that has compassion and generally good humour.”
The Moynihans. “Home Isolation with older kids can be challenging and expensive but also very rewarding and precious. It summons memories and feelings of past times when they were more reliant on our care but also highlights the joy of the ‘empty nest’. The sunshine has been a blessing too.......long may it continue!!”
The Gellers. "The simple dining room table has always symbolised family to me, but now, more than ever this humble table has gone from a place for food to helping us survive home learning and working. The lockdown has given my family a chance to be a family again and refocus on what matters. I have also learnt how much I appreciate teachers!!!”
The Talks. "Sarah and I were quietly shuffling into the fluffy carpet slippers of the empty nester. Suddenly two of our adult children and their partners returned bringing tequila, YouTube dance tutorials and themed cooking nights. We have occasionally wandered off for gardening, Egyptology and novel writing, but our pace of life has definitely been upped and we’re rather enjoying it.”
Jo and Ago. “Watching winter turn to full bloom spring with hope in our hearts for the coming months”
Mick and Mavis. “Watching the world go by from our garden has been very sociable and we are lucky to have family close by to see safely. We both miss seeing our friends and having a beer or two in the pub. Mick does not drink at home so we’re saving up for the day when we can socialise and have a beer in our local pub”.
The Fields “The natural beauty and resilient community of Ashwell has yet again provided us with security and support during challenging times”
Geraldine Crump. “I am missing folk dropping in for a cup of tea”

I have started shooting portraits of people self isolating in my local community, all at a safe distance of course. I hope to expand on this body of work in the coming days.