Hickory Golf

Hickory Golf

My father seemed to spend most of his life on golf courses and in his later years reverted to playing with original "hickory" clubs and dressing in period golf costume from the 1920's. I never got a chance to caddy for him playing hickory and shadow him with a camera sadly.

So it was an honour to be invited to the Royal West Norfolk Golf Club and spend some time photographing four golfers, one of whom is considered the finest Hickory golfer in Europe and is captain of the European Hickory Team who play the USA annually in the same manner as the Ryder Cup teams.

The course at Brancaster was laid out in 1892 with very little alteration since. The club house is not accessible by car when the tide is high, and both the 8th and 9th holes are affected by the tides which can catch you out.

I was delighted to be awarded an honorable mention in the International Photography Awards 2106 from a series of photographs from this project in the "Sports" category.