April 20, 2017

Land, Sea & Air

New personal work uploaded into the Land Sea and Air section of my portfolios. This work reflects life as I travel capturing moments in peoples life at work, rest and play as well as photography and film from the beginnings of new projects.

April 3, 2017

Applied Arts Awards 2017

More awards for the recent Bayer photography; Canada's Applied Arts Awards advertising series category.

The campaign pastiches fashion photography with work being shot both in the studio and on location in the UK.

March 8, 2017

International Womans Day

Sharing work, both personal and commissioned, in celebration of International Womans Day.

March 7, 2017

New Print Books Going Out The Door

Hooray! Six new print books complete and ready to go out the door. The culmination of shooting for the past eighteen months and turning the print work around to over 90% personal, non commissioned work. It has been a fantastic time and my passion and love of photography is stronger than ever; it is so liberating to be immersed in personal projects for both stills and motion so now it is time to share with art buyers, art directors, creative directors and more. Maybe even agents!

In the meantime a whole load of marketing to be done kicking off with an email launch today and onwards with the continuing personal work. Awards being picked up already from the new work, cannot say anymore just yet.

January 15, 2017

Winter Guns 2017

I am back out shooting the "Winter Guns" over two farms in frozen Cambridgeshire. This is their last shoot of the season and my third outing with these men. Leaden skies and snows flurries were are blowing horizontally for much of the day and a great contrast to the last shoot in full blown low winter sun. I will get some of the new work from this shoot up on the site and in the folios laster in the year.

December 15, 2016

Letchworth Town Brass Band

I have started to document Letchworth Town Brass Band. My son has been playing the trumpet for the past six years and was invited to join the band in the summer so having watched him play at many school concerts I though it was time I spent some time with the town band.

"Hairs on the back of your neck" listening to the band rehearse for up coming summer concerts and a few competitions along the way so I will see if I can join them for some of their exploits.

International Photography Awards 2016

1st Prize - Advertising Product Category

So off and running with all the new work and thrilled to have won 1st place in this years International Photography Awards. A series of fashion pastiche shots for Bayer's animal welfare division shot on location and in the studio here in the UK . The IPA is a fantastic organisation and supports a wealth of photography projects around the world.

Styling and Wardrobe:

Location Management:

Set Building:

New Work New Site


Welcome! So thrilled and excited to be launching a whole new swathe or work, both stills and motion. The photography and film has been shot over the past eighteen months with other projects still shooting, more in production and new projects planned in 2017.

Showing mainly personal, non commissioned work I am concentrating on personal photography and film that is the culmination of my narrative story telling looking at people in their environment whether it be at play, work, home etc.

So I hope you like the new work and new site which will evolve in the coming months and years as I shoot commissioned and non-commissioned film and photography.

A big thanks to Gary & Lizzie for the new site.