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Chris Frazer Smith is an acclaimed portrait and people photographer & director whose work has taken him across the globe on behalf of a wide range of high profile clients. Shooting predominately portraiture & people, both commissioned and non-commissioned photography & film, on location and in the studio. 

His attention to narrative and detail are paramount and his strong sense of art direction allows him to work closely with creative teams from advertising agencies, publishers, record companies and design groups. Preferring to show a larger proportion of non-commissioned work Chris's portfolios show personal projects, both stills and motion. 

Chris has been recognised with numerous international awards from organisations including: The prestigious Lucie International Photographer of The Year Award, The Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize, The BJP Portrait Of Britain, The Association of Photographers, Communication Arts, American Photography, The Portrait Salon, The British Photography Awards Portrait Prize, The British Journal of Photography, Campaign Magazine, Creative Review, The Masters Cup, Applied Arts, One Eyeland and Photo District News. His work has been exhibited in galleries around the world including the National Portrait Gallery and The Royal Academy in London.

He has been a D&AD judge and continues to mentor & lecture students both on photography and film.


Communication Arts Awards 2024

Thin Line Film Festival 2024

Blackbird Film Festival Honourable Mention 2024

Poppy Jasper Film festival 2024

Minnesota Film Festival 2024

Berlin Film Festival 2022

L'HIFF Film Festival, Barcelona, 2022

FAFF Film Festival, Venice, CA. 2022

Hold Still 2020 National Portrait Gallery 2021

Fastnet Film Festival, Cork 2021

Association Of Photographers Awards 2020

Oxford International Film Festival 2020

SENE Film Festival 2020

Dam Film Festival, Boulder City 2020

IPA Movement Awards 2020

British Photography Awards Portrait Prize 2020

Tally Film Festival, Tallahassee

Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers 2020

BJP Portrait Of Britain 2019

Bolton Film Festival 2019

National Portrait Gallery Only Human awards 2019

British Life Photography Awards 2019

Communication Arts Awards 2018

IPA Awards 2017

Applied Arts Awards, Canada 2017

Taylor Wessing Portrait Awards 2014

IPA Awards 2016

AOP Awards 2014

American Photography Awards 2014

Head On Festival Australia 2014

One Eyeland Best Of The Best 2014

Archive Top 200 Ad Photographers 2014

Applied Arts Awards, Canada 2014

One Eyeland Awards, Gold, Silver, Bronze 2013

AA Awards 2013

Archive Top 200 Ad Photographers 2012/13

Communication Arts Awards 2012

Foto8 Summer Exhibition 2012

American Photography Awards 2012

Applied Arts Awards, Canada 2012

Association Of Photographers Awards 2011

Foto8 Summer Exhibition 2011

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2011

Communication Arts Awards 2011

American Photography Awards 2011

Staffordshire Arts Festival, UK Shorts Runner Up, 2011

Archive Top 200 Ad Photographers 2010/11

Applied Arts Awards, Canada 2011

Campaign Top Ten Photographers 2010

Association Of Photographers Awards 2010

Campaign Photography Awards 2010

Best In Show Exhibition, Crane Kalman Gallery

International Photography Awards 2010

Foto8 Summer Show, London

Communications Arts Awards 2010

Masters Cup 2010

Applied Arts Awards, Canada 2010

Creative Review Photography Awards 2009

The British Journal Of Photography Awards 2009

Campaign Photography Awards 2009

Campaign Top Ten Photographers 2008

Archive Top 200 Ad Photographers 2008/09

International Photography Awards 2008

Creative Review Photography Awards 2008

Communication Arts Awards 2008

Creative Review Photography Awards 2007

Archive Top 200 Ad Photographers 2006/7

International Photography Awards 2007

IPA, Best In Show Exhibition 2007

International Photography Awards 2006

IPA, Best In Show Exhibition 2006

International Photography Awards 2005

Archive Top 200 Ad Photographers 2004/05

PDN Awards 2005

Communication Arts Awards 2004

American Photography Awards 2004

Association Of Photographers Awards 2004

International Photographer Of The Year Lucie Award 2003

Archive Top 200 Ad Photographers 2002/03

Campaign Poster Awards 2003



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The Gallery is currently going through a rebuild and will launch again in the Spring of 2023.


+44 (0) 7831 376687

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Environmental Policy/Mission Statement

It is our policy to seek continual improvement throughout our business operations to lessen our impact on the local and global environment by conserving energy, water and other natural resources; reducing waste generation; recycling and; reducing our use of toxic materials.

  1. The Print Space: The business gallery works with The Print Space in London who offer a fully carbon neutral art and photo print service.
  2. Pedleme: Pedleme who provide a 90% reduction in carbon emissions compared to petrol or diesel vans when using London couriers.
  3. Ecosia: Using the search engine  Ecosia where possible who plant trees in return for the amount of searches it carries out.
  4. Where possible public transport is used in planning, pre-production and actual shoots over driving.
  5. Working with local talent in both the UK and abroad to educe greenhouse gases by avoiding additional crew flying and driving to locations.
  6. Gallery sales. Offsetting free global shipping costs back to a chosen charity planting trees. (The Gallery is currently going through a rebuild and will launch again in the Spring of 2023.)

Chris Frazer Smith Photography Limited is working on a policy to establish new ways of working in order to reduce greenhouse gases.