Guns and Gun Bus
Afternoon Drive
First Morning Drive
Gun Bus
Head Game Keeper
Shooting Into The Winter Sun
Game Keeper
Gun With His Loader
Gun and Head Game Keeper
Gun Dog Waiting
Beater and Dogs
Game Keeper and Dog
Heading To The Next Drive
Lovely Weather For It
Father & Son's First Shoot
Game Keeper
Beater and Dog
Head Game Keeper
Dogs Resting
Head Gun
Last Light, Last Drive
Waiting To Move On
Waiting To Be Called
Watching and Waiting
Glorious Weather
Gun Bus and Keepers
The Guns
After The First Drive
Beater and Game Truck
Last Drive
In His Sights
End Of The Day
End Of The Shoot

I was lucky to be invited by a local gun shoot to document them over the winter at a farm in East Anglia where they shoot. I grey up in farming as a kid and spent many hours "beating" on shoots in Norfolk and learning about the management of rural land, preserving woodlands, marshland and wildlife.

So to be behind a camera photographing these men shooting was a challenge I felt comfortable with, knowing where and how the guns and beaters move through the various drives.

I was delighted to be awarded an honorable mention in the International Photography Awards 2106 from a series of photographs from this project in the "Traditions and Cultures" category.